January 31, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Horns Of Nimon Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Horns of Nimon," Episode One.

So, season seventeen of Doctor Who was supposed to end with a big six-parter called “Shada,” but there was a labor strike in England and that one was never finished.  Since then, using animation and whatever footage was completed, there is a “Shada” floating around for fans to finally see what almost happened.

However, I watch the show off Britbox, and they don’t have that one.  So, I won’t be covering it.  Instead, here’s the first part of the actual final serial of the 17th season, “The Horns of Nimon”.

We begin with a large space craft known as some kind of space-faring battleship flying through the void.  It has two crewmen, a pilot and co-pilot, and the co-pilot occasionally goes off to check the ship’s cargo:  a group of what looks like terrified teenagers.  The co-pilot berates them as weak and then goes back to his post.  That co-pilot is a dick.

Then there’s an accident, the ship is crippled, and the pilot died.  Can anyone help out?

Sure.  The TARDIS is floating nearby as the Doctor attempts to, once again, fix it.  This time he took most of it apart, including the dematerializer, and it doesn’t take a Romana to know that’s dangerous.  Especially once K9 reports the TARDIS, which should be sitting stationary in space, is moving rather quickly.  Fortunately, the Doctor does manage to stop his vessel right outside that crippled battleship, and he even extends the TARDIS’s protective energy shield down to the outer hull of the battleship to allow himself, Romana, and K9 to walk on in.  Inside, they find radioactive rocks, those teens, and the co-pilot, and since he’s a dick, you know he’ll just pull a gun on the newcomers and insist they fix his ship or get off or something.

The Doctor, wanting to help a stranded vessel, opts to help.  Romana, less enthused, also agrees, and she even made her own sonic screwdriver at some point.

Now, what’s going on here?  Well, the kids explain they’re going to Skonnan for some reason, and their people surrender a handful of teens every so often because Skonnan is scary and had a lot of those battleships once upon a time.  Of course, the Doctor tries to suggest that these impressive military vessels aren’t that impressive seeing how old this one is, so they might not be as tough as they thought.

Furthermore, it does look like the Skonnan are looking to give the kids to a creature called the Nimon, and he doesn’t seem very friendly when we finally see that horned brute.

Anyway, the Doctor and K9 return to the TARDIS to finish up the repair job for the battleship, leaving Romana behind.  However, the co-pilot, major dick that he is, blasts off without the Doctor, just as the TARDIS’s main console seemed to blow up.  Something is pulling the TARDIS in, and it looks like a rogue planet.  Landing there won’t be good for anybody.  Plus, the co-pilot took Romana with him, and he doesn’t seem to mind her threats at all.

Told you he was a dick,

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