June 7, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #268: Firestar

A cartoon refugee gets around the Marvel universe.

Superheroes come from all kinds of places.  While many do originate in the comics books, others have imported over from other sources.  Characters like Jimmy Olson, Alfred Pennyworth, Renee Montoya, Harley Quinn, and X-23 appeared outside of comics first, as did common concepts like kryptonite and the Batcave.

So, let’s look at another one with Firestar.

Firestar first appeared in the 80s animated series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.  She was one of those amazing friends, and that was almost certainly why she looked like Mary Jane Watson.


Why create her?  Well, it does seem as if the producers wanted to have Spidey team up with Iceman and the Human Torch, but there were some issues with the Torch, so the producers created a new character, a woman with flame or heat-based powers that could fly and fight crime in what looked like her pajamas.

Her story there was that she, like Iceman, was a mutant and one of the original X-Men.  Now, of course, she wasn’t in regular Marvel community in any such role, but she did eventually appear in an X-Men comic…as a member of the Hellions.

That was unexpected.

Thing is, Firestar, real name Angelica Jones, was basically a sweet girl-next-door type, so she didn’t stay on a villain team.  She eventually went back to her regular life, only to get blackmailed by Night Thrasher into going out to help the New Warriors on their first mission.  There she formed a budding romance with teammate Justice, the other mutant on the team but with the exact opposite home life that Angelica enjoyed.

Of course, most mutants have powers that don’t hurt them.  For some reason, that was not the case for Angelica.  Her powers were basically microwave based, and she learned at some point that though she was treated as the most powerful member of the team, her powers could make her sterile if not give her cancer.  Now, as far as power goes, she was pretty potent, but I think Nova might be the most powerful of that bunch considering what he’s like at full power, but that’s neither here nor there.

From there, Angelica became a joiner.  She joined the Avengers with Justice, where he was really into it at first but she wasn’t, but she fit into the team faster, so there’s that.  After the Civil War, she quit the superhero game for a while, broke up with Justice, and eventually, finally got around to joining the X-Men.

So, she may still be in an X-book right now since it seems to be using, you know, every mutant that ever existed at present.  But she might not.  Justice isn’t there as near as I can make out, so it isn’t as if every Marvel mutant is hanging out on Genosha right now.

Still, she’s come a long way from a cartoon woman who fought the forces of evil in her pajamas.

Or has she?
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