February 24, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Snake Creeps Down”

Season One, Episode Five.

The Badlands is not a nice place.  It’s got a horrible feudal system going on.  There’s what looks like slavery.  And while we learn in this episode it is possible for someone to rise from Cog to Clipper to Baron (which apparently is what happened with Quinn), it doesn’t seem to be the kind of place where anything good happens to most people.

But it does have Lance Henriksen!  That guy is always awesome.

Henriksen is playing Lydia’s estranged father, a guy who runs some kind of religious community out in what looks like a swamp.  He offers Ryder some cryptic advice as to where M.K. medallion came from.  Apparently, his character’s name is Penrith, making his the most weird name so far.

But forget all that.  As much as the Badlands looks bad, I am now wondering where exactly the Widow falls on all this.  I don’t for a minute believe she’s a benevolent force, but she knows how to say the right things to keep Tilda and the other butterflies in line and to get Quinn’s former Cogs working for her by promising freedom and a lack of oppression.  Does the Widow mean that?  I don’t think so, but it would be more interesting if I was wrong.

Anyway, there are bigger problems.  Quinn is trying to plant doubts in Veil’s head about Sunny, Lydia and Jade are picking opium and maybe getting along until Jade collapses under suspicious circumstances, and that’s before we get to the episode’s epic beatdown.

That comes later, but first, we have Sunny, M.K., and another Colt-and-Clipper pairing looking for the Widow.  The Clipper nearly gets hit foot sliced off by a bear trap, and the other Colt wants his first kill, but there’s a bit more going on.  Tilda is following the group, and she has some news from the Widow’s own mouth:  without the ability to control his abilities, M.K. will drain the life out of himself if he uses that power too much.

However, he stopped when he confronted Tilda before, and she may be the thing that makes him stop.  Sunny hypothesized something like that before, and it does make some sense since the two seem to be sweet on each other, odd since they’ve spent maybe 20 minutes together.  However, Sunny captures Tilda, and then the other Colt gets a little too close with his dumbass taunting, so Tilda pulls a Mike Tyson and bites that punk’s ear off.

I’m still waiting for this episode’s epic fight.  Tilda is strapped down in Quinn’s dungeon.  She won’t be doing much.  M.K. obviously wants to let her out, but Quinn wants to know where the Widow is.

No one need look far.  The Widow has an unnamed “inside man” who let her into the dungeon.  Then, she and Sunny can have the episode’s epic fight, one that goes really far when Sunny kicks her through a brick wall…into the armory.  There, they use every weapon present, including a torch.  The fight ends when Sunny cuts the Widow deep across her torso.

Of course, by then the one-eared Colt had gotten Tilda out of her cell and was beating her to death.  M.K. is caged inside.  What can he do?

He cuts himself, blows the cell door off its hinges, killing the other Colt.  He passes out after snapping out of it.  Tilda gets away with the Widow.  Sunny saw all that.  The Widow might have seen all that.

And Quinn definitely saw all that.