July 16, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Highway To Well”

In which Marge and Homer both start selling legal marijuana.

Well, we have ourselves a Marge episode, and her very lameness is actually key to everything that happens.

You know, again.

It all starts when Marge has nothing to do after dropping Maggie off at a toddler day care program.  With nothing to do, Marge looks for something to keep herself active.  Spin class has too much verbal abuse from the trainer for her taste, and so does ceramics class it turns out.  Sex-prising Homer at work would be nice if it weren’t for nosy security cameras.  All that she has left is to get a job, and the local Well + Good shop is hiring.

What do they sell there?  Marge doesn’t know.  But she’s Marge, so she’s nice to everyone, particularly purple-haired store employee Lauren (guest star Chelsea Peretti).  As such, the mystery boss hires her to work with Lauren and other salesperson Desmond (guest star Billy Porter).  And Marge is good at it.  People just trust her motherly ways.

Then Marge realizes the place is a marijuana dispensary.


As it is, the owner personally asks Marge not to quit.  That would be Drederick Tatum, who learned of the pros of pot when recovering from bad injuries.  He does get Marge to reconsider which she does over dinner.  She does with the family.  Lisa sees no harm since it’s legal, and Bart figures it’s the same as working at the liquor store (an idea Homer momentarily finds interesting).  Heck, the Krustyburger sells pot these days apparently.

So, Marge goes back to the store, and everything there seems to be working out.  Heck, the products there make Agnes Skinner pleasant.  So, that’s something.

But not everyone is pleased by all this.  Otto, for one, finds it creepy.  He wants to buy pot from someone who looks seedy and might be an undercover cop not from a place where cops shop in uniform and recommend products.

Otto is so upset by all this, he goes to Moe’s for a beer.  Beer doesn’t work out so well, but Homer does make a suggestion on how to make weed a workable thing again since it’s now legal.  Namely, why not sell legal weed in a place that looks like the sort of seedy place people bought illegal weed from.  Moe’s in and Homer is in business in Moe’s back room with Lenny as the weird guy who just sits in the corner.

OK, so, both Homer and Marge are selling marijuana.  That doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem…until Drederick tells Marge he wants her to be the store rep at a big internet influencer shindig…except, Homer’s business is making their look bad.  Marge needs to get Homer to quit.  And when he doesn’t do that, bring the law down on him.

See, weed may be legal, but Homer isn’t permitted to sell or serve food there.  If Marge gets Homer to share some cheeseballs, the county health inspectors can swoop in and put an end to that.  So, in Marge goes with the cheeseballs, and Homer…well, he does eventually offer some to his customers, and Moe can’t flush those things because they won’t stay down.  So, Homer gets arrested and hit with a $25 fine.  Marge gets to be the face of the company at the party.

Except Homer crashes it by claiming to be Kevin Smith’s dad.  No one knows any better.  Not even guest star Kevin Smith who in his one line calls Homer “dad”.

Well, Homer’s a little drunk and mad, and he does point out Marge has never even tried the product she sells, so under peer pressure, Marge tries some, then immediately freaks out because she realizes she’s high and everything she tries to fix the problem is laced with more weed.

Eventually, Homer goes outside to comfort her…and accidentally sets the house on fire, leading to a few impersonations of famous potheads to run out in fear.  Tatum’s store is ruined, the city repeals the legality, and without the tax revenue, Maggie’s toddler program got canceled, and Homer is now addicted to cheeseballs.

Sounds about right to me.