February 24, 2024

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Comic Review: The Terrifics Volume 2

Mr. Terrific and his team go back into the multiverse and battle their archfoe Doctor Dread.

Jeff Lemire is a really talented comic writer.  I have yet to read something of his that I didn’t think was at least entertaining.  To that end, maybe it’s time to check back in with his version of the Fantastic Four over at DC, The Terriffics.

And that foursome go back into the multiverse in the second volume, subtitled Tom Stong & The Terrifics.

The Terrifics, as a team, don’t really want to be a team necessarily.  Michael “Mr. Terrific” Holt’s trip into the Dark Multiverse with Metamorpho and Plastic Man and the chance encounter with Phantom Girl in there hit them with some kind of dark multiverse-type of energies forced the group to stay together.  Sure, Rex Mason got cured, but beyond that, things are bad.  Plastic Man’s ex and son want nothing to do with him for reasons beyond his control, Phantom Girl is from a far distant planet, and Michael doesn’t really want to bond with anyone.

But there’s still their armored enemy Doctor Dread (yeah, let’s play up those FF’s parallels even more).  His identity and motive comes out in this volume (containing eight issues as opposed to the usual six), and it is a nice twist for anyone who knows the histories of some of these characters.  Dread’s threat sends the team back into the multiverse to find Tom Strong, and while Alan Moore probably won’t approve of all that, the characters are used fairly respectfully.

If anything, that’s what this series is:  fun.  Lemire uses the DC multiverse well as the team bounces from reality to reality, many of them recognizable for longtime DC fans, and even brings in some alternate versions of the team for a rival group called the Dreadfuls.  There’s nothing truly groundbreaking about The Terrifics, and sometimes that’s fine.  Lemire has a lot more weight in some of his other work, so it’s nice seeing him just play with characters, even expanding the original foursome to a few new members, including Metamorpho’s friendly pit bill Element Dog.  The artwork is generally fine, the characters seem right, and it’s just fun.

I do like fun sometimes.

8 out of 10 lovelorn cavemen.