June 22, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons”

Season One, Episode Four.

OK, so, maybe M.K. is something of a snotty kid with a chip on his shoulder, but he doesn’t quite deserve death or whatever everyone thinks he’s got coming as I thought.

So, here’s the problem:  people keep hooking up the wrong way.

M.K. doesn’t listen, not really, and Sunny is learning that the hard way when he finds M.K. went to Veil to translate a book stolen from Sunny’s room.  Now, Sunny can’t read much anyway, but he has a point.

Does M.K. deserve to die?

Better question:  can anyone kill him?

Sunny gave the lad a cut and got punched clear across an empty field.

So…maybe not?

All I know is, the Widow is a much better plotter than, well, everyone.  She opens the episode by robbing another baron’s gold cart, then cuts off one of Quinn’s clipper’s head nearby to frame Quinn.  Ryder, being Ryder and mad that Lydia point blank told Jade not to sleep with her future husband’s son (also, Lydia might have killed a previous second wife), demands some power, and all Quinn can say is Ryder should show some initiative and take it.  That has Ryder, and only Ryder, seeking a parlay with Zypher’s Baron Jacobee.  That meeting goes violent when Tilde shows up to try and kill Quinn, leading to more death and swords and stuff.  Highlights:  Quinn vs. Jacobee, Sunny vs. Zypher, and M.K. vs. Tilde.

Worth noting, Tilde cut M.K. and almost died but he snapped out of it, so, maybe he can control it.

However, the Widow wasn’t really trying to start a war.  She was just getting Quinn out of the way for a while.  While he was gone, she went to his place, killed the clippers, and bribed the Cogs (workers) into going with her.

That’s…a really good plan.

Sunny, meanwhile, uses a token from Waldo to chat with the River King about going down river and out of the Badlands.

OK, so, what does this have to do with M.K beyond his general sniveling ways?

Well, the Widow wants the kid with the medallion M.K. wore.  So, when Ryder shows up to meet with Jacobee, instead he meets with Zypher and the Widow.  The Widow will make barons out of Zypher and Ryder for their assistance retrieving said kid.  She clearly doesn’t know she used to have him.

Then again, she also wants to bring some kind of justice to the Badlands if what she said to Tilde earlier is to be believed.

And she might not want M.K. dead.

On the other hand, the River King will give Sunny and his party passage if Sunny can bring him the head of the youth who killed a bunch of his Cogs.  And…that would be M.K.

M.K must be that special sort of person that makes people want him dead.  I can somewhat see why.