December 6, 2022

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Into The Badlands “White Stork Spreads Wings”

Season One, Episode Three.

This world seems to have no firearms, which probably would make things much easier and/or quicker for a lot of these characters.  But then we’d miss some cool fight scenes, so never mind that.

To recap:  Ryder put a hit out on the Widow.  It failed badly because she can fight in stiletto heals.  Then she put a hit out on Ryder through a prostitute’s tip.  It failed because Sunny is a badass that can take down forty guys all at once.  Plus, M.K. helped.  But Ryder is in a coma, so that can’t end well.

Who it won’t end well for is up to debate.  Ryder’s father, Baron Quinn, decided that was enough to raid the Widow’s territory, the one that makes oil, and get her back.  And if you thought the Widow was dangerous, apparently, so is the Baron.  Only a sudden attack of his weird brain tumor thing allows her to get away.

M.K., it should be noted, disobeyed orders to sneak into the Widow’s place to swipe a book from her office.  Tilda saw him.  She won’t be happy about that later.  Sunny won’t be happy either because M.K. isn’t a good pupil.  Neither of them will be happy even later still because it turns out neither of them can read.

The Widow, of course, will want that book back.

And the Baron will want his son awake again.  The only thing left to do is for Baroness #2, Jade, to go into town and ask Veil to fix Ryder.  Yes, Veil is aware the Baron killed her parents.  Yes, she’ll do it anyway with a corkscrew for a quick trepanning.  Ryder wakes up later to give out a name for his prostitute.

But this is the Badlands, and you can’t just run around and do whatever you want.  Sunny proves that to M.K. by letting M.K. learn a quick lesson from Sunny’s old mentor Waldo.  Waldo is confined to a wheelchair and still kicks that punk’s ass.  I mean, I know genre conventions.  I knew the ass-kicking was coming.  And it was still as cool as all hell.

But Sunny also needs to learn some lessons.  Actually, Quinn should, but he sends Sunny out anyway because the other Barons are mad at Quinn, and he figures he can maybe make an alliance with the one guy who hates him the least.  That’s some sound logic right there.  Plus, Sunny and that guy’s Regent used to have a thing going on.

But there’s still the book.  M.K. thinks Veil can read it because she can read.  He’ll sneak over there after he and Sunny try to capture that prostitute.  Tilda also went over there to get her out, leading to a slapfight with M.K.  Also, the prostitute makes a very acrobatic run for it because everyone in the Badlands knows at least a little martial arts.  That lasts until she opts for suicide rather than going somewhere with Sunny.

But there must be some other way to make our characters more miserable and worried.  Oh, I know!  M.K. can learn Veil can’t read this particular book, and then the Baron can come over and ask her to cure him when her father couldn’t.  You know, the guy the Baron killed to keep his illness a secret.  Sunny more or less knows the Baron’s probably dying.  Veil knows because Sunny knows.  M.K. knows because he was hiding in the next room.  The Widow should know since that’s why she’s still alive.  Ryder and the wives may or may not know, but why should family know anything?  It worked in reverse for The Farewell.

Way to keep a debilitating illness a secret, Quinn…

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