November 28, 2021

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Monsters & Mana”

Season Six, Episode Three.

…the hell?  Part Two.

OK, to be very fair, this episode may be a little odd, but it isn’t anywhere near as head-scratching as Voltron doing an ice show.  The episode actually establishes a very good reason for Coran, Allura, and the Paladins to be hanging around and doing less serious stuff.  There’s some repair work going on, and Coran found some old Altaean game that he used to play that seems like a video game version of Dungeons and Dragons.

That makes Coran the dungeonmaster.  The episode starts with Hunk (as a mage type) and Pidge (as a dwarf type that I hope isn’t some kind of short joke) fleeing a monster before going back to a tavern for their next mission.  Shiro joins in as a paladin (literally the only thing Shiro wants to be is something he already is, hereby making Shiro the biggest dork in the group).  And then later Allura and Lance show up, Coran uses some exposition to explain the game, and the pair join in.  Allura is apparently good at it, and Lance maybe isn’t.

Is there much to see here?  Maybe not. The Paladins figure out how to get past the final boss Coran whipped up using teamwork, and there’s some talk about something sucking the lifeforce out of innocent people in a way that may or may not be relevant down the road given all the quintessence stuff we keep hearing about.  And then the game ends when most of the group gets ideas and leaves, save a slightly heartachey Lance and Shiro, who still wants to play as a paladin.

So, if you were hoping for some advancement on Keith finding a lost world of Altaeans or something with Allura’s learning Lance has a thing for her, well, better luck next time.  We needed a downside episode in out…seven episode season.

Seriously, did Netflix just divide a pair of seasons into halves to make four shorter ones?  Because that would make more sense than tossing an episode that’s just kinda silly into the mix here when the season is so short to begin with.

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