February 26, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Fist Like A Bullet”

Season One, Episode Two.

So, the Widow walks into what looks like a burlesque house wearing an outfit the Black Widow would find tough to work in (the stilettos just aren’t practical), looking for a former regent.  There’s an assassination attempt, and she kills, like, a mob of people trying to off her without getting a hair out of place.

Why does someone like that need to get an army of assassins to take down a rival?

That’s the question, isn’t it?  And not, “How many CGI clouds of blood can one episode of television produce?”  M.K. starts the episode running from Quinn’s place, but he doesn’t get too far as he gets to the Widow’s territory, and there he meets the Widow’s equally deadly daughter (adopted from the looks of things) Tilda.

For the record, most of the Widow’s forces seem to be adopted daughters with butterfly blades.  And that’s a blade shaped like a butterfly.

Tilda takes some pity on M.K. and takes him back to the Widow’s, and things aren’t going well there.  Not for M.K. at least, since the Widow is looking for someone with power caused by bloodletting.  Is it M.K.?  I mean, it is, but he keeps it a secret and gets help from Tilda to try and escape.  It doesn’t work because some nomads and the Widow catch him and toss him into a trunk.

That happens a lot to that kid.  Sunny finds him later.  That also happens a lot to that kid.  Ryder was along for the ride, but that doesn’t happen quite so often.  Of course, the only reason Ryder and Sunny are out that way at all is because it looks like Baron Quinn’s opium is getting loose, and learning that was the only reason Ryder was visiting that brothel.

Of course, it’s a trap, and while Ryder is useless, Sunny manages to take out, like, 40 guys without too much trouble.  The last one, the leader, almost takes Sunny down except M.K. intervenes with a convenient sword.

These people may need convenient firearms once in a while.  Just sayin’.

Now, M.K. does know the way out of the Badlands, and Sunny makes a deal with him:  help Sunny and Veil escape to the Badlands, and Sunny will train M.K. to hopefully control his powers.  Quinn more or less accepts that, especially since they brought Ryder back alive.

Why would Sunny want to leave?  True, Veil is pregnant without Quinn’s permission and that would be bad for both of them, but Quinn is not a good boss.  During a secret trip to see his doctor and the doctor’s wife (Veil’s adopted parents), we learn that Quinn has an inoperable brain tumor and maybe six months to live.  Rather than do right by a man who’d been good to him, Quinn orders Sunny to kill both the doctor and his wife.  Sunny won’t, so Quinn does it himself and lets Sunny off with a rare warning.  Sunny ain’t dumb.  He knows what happened and why, but if this is what the Baron is willing to do to hide a potential weakness, it may be a good idea to get the hell out of the Badlands.

Even if these are the most bucolic post-apocalyptic badlands I have ever seen.