January 19, 2022

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Comic Review: Batman (New 52) Volume 7

The Joker returns to take down Batman, and this time, he's not kidding.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Every so often, I remember some series I enjoyed but for some reason haven’t read up in a while and then opt to do something about it.

That includes Scott Snyder’s generally entertaining run on Batman for the New 52.  Anyway, I remembered again, so here I go with Volume 7, subtitled Endgame.

Early in Snyder’s run, Batman suffered a devestating setback from the Joker.  Though Batman won in the end, Joker found a way to estrange Batman from his various allies, and Joker disappeared after that.

In Endgame, he returns, and this time, he’s not here for laughs.  He’s mad, he knows who Batman really is, and he’ll take down the whole city to get back at Batman.  And to start?  He’s corrupted the Justice League and sent them after Batman.

Endgame, like many of Snyder’s stories, goes about its business dropping more and more barriers and set-backs to the hero, making everything look more and more hopeless as the villain just looks more and more formidable.  Batman keeps trying to get ahead of Joker, and every time it goes wrong.  Joker has infected most of the city with a disease that will kill the inhabitants while turning them into Jokers themselves, including Jim Gordon and a young Duke Thomas’s parents.  This is a Batman desperate enough to go to anyone he can for help to cure the citizens of Gotham because it really is that bad.  His allies are dwindling, his options are few, and if he doesn’t figure something out, there won’t be too many people left alive in the city.

This is Snyder at his peak, telling the sort of Batman/superhero story that he does so well.  The book ends with Batman’s fate in an uncertain place, and even as everyone cleans up, no one can say what price the city’s hero paid to save lives this time.  That will only come in time.

That said, I sure wish the Joker’s dialogue didn’t get written in a special font.  It’s sometimes a little hard to read depending on the color of the caption box it’s written in.

8.5 out of 10 immortal joker mysteries.

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