May 19, 2024

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Titans “Nightwing”

Season Two Finale.

Well, that was…something.

So much happened in this, the season two finale, and some of it actually made sense.  Not much of it.  There was so much tossed into this last episode (for now) that it’s hard to say what the point of the season was.

Is it Deathstroke?  Because Dick and Rose take him down, with Jericho hopping into his half-sister’s body, and what a waste that was.  Dick is Nightwing now, and somehow that makes him a better fighter.  Meanwhile, the female Titans just sit in a car and watch all this.  Granted, Kory’s powerless now and Dawn doesn’t have powers, including the power to lower her mask in public, but Donna and Rachel can help, right?

But they’re on their way to save their friends as Gar and Conner are fighting each other for a show on behalf of Cadmus!  The Titans have to save their friends!  You know, Gar and that kid they knew for, like, a day at most.

Hank shows up to hit Conner over the back of the head with a mallet from the fair everything takes place in because that can’t work.  How did Hank know where to go?  Is this the same fair from the end of Shazam!?  How did Gar in his tiger form flip a police car?  Conner hadn’t arrived yet.

And Donna died because…I guess someone needed to, but she’ll probably be back because they took her in a very visible jet back to Themyscira with Rachel.  And why did the spectators cheer the Titans when one of them was attacking everyone just minutes before?

And when did they rescue Krypto, my favorite character?

At least Bruce showed up and even helped a little because Bruce is my second favorite character.

Really, this was a mess of cool stuff (Conner stopping and then throwing a bullet) mixed up with a lot of confusing, haphazard stuff (everything else).

I’ll be back with this when season three rolls around and Dick becomes instrumental in defeating Blackfire.

In the meantime, where do we go next for Mondays?  Well, improbably, Altered Carbon is back with a new lead actor as the same lead character though it makes sense when they do it since the whole thing is baked into the premise.

We’ll see how that turns out.  Can’t be any more ridiculous than Titans.