July 20, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: MCUnion Edition

The Geeks talk the MCU in a description that couldn't possibly apply to any other episode of this podcast.

This time on the podcast, not counting the two that came before it that both sounded very familiar, the Geeks talked a lot about tits and people’s junk, and somewhere in there they talked the future of the MCU.  And I am sure that was a recent conversation given talk in there about states of the union, football championships, and Iowa.

I…find myself in an unusual position regarding the MCU.

I think I might be a bit done with it.

In the meantime, here’s Watson’s idea Marvel hero, and one designed to maybe anger Jenny, so for Watson, a win-win.

Allow me to explain:  I will continue to get out to see their latest movies, often on opening night.  I have no reason to believe they’re going to be anything less than at least entertaining.  To date, even the weakest movies in that corner of the Disney Empire has been at least fun.  I expect that to continue.

But why am I going to speculate on what comes next in breathless anticipation?  Unlike Jenny who mentioned having a hole where the MCU has been, I’ve been largely fine.  And as for whether or not the Disney+ TV link up to the movie, or if they make or break the franchise, well…in the case of the former, I don’t see why they have to.  In the cast of the latter, I don’t much care.  The Netflix stuff was only barely connected and stood on whatever levels of quality the individual shows could work up.

I mean, I go to the movie almost every week, often two or three times.  There’s lot of good stuff out there, and a lot of that good stuff provides more than just two hours of superhero-style entertainment.  I don’t think these movies are worthless, but I likewise would rather just take them as they come out, see what happens, and then move on to other things.  There’s a lot of cool stuff out there.  It doesn’t all have to come from Disney.

Besides, Disney does produce a lot of mediocre stuff once you step away from the MCU.  And “mediocre” is a really generous way to describe last year’s Dumbo.