January 19, 2022

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Comic Review: Chew Volume 10

Tony Chu finally confronts his greatest enemy, the Collector.

Image Comics’ Chew ran for 60 issues (give or take a special issue here or there), and each trade is divided into five issues a pop, meaning the whole series was covered in 12 trades/volumes.  This review being about Volume 10, subtitled Blood Puddin’, that would mean we’re getting answers for the remaining mysteries this time, right?

Actually, no.  But this is Chew, so we’re all the better for it.

FDA investigator Tony Chu is in a really bad mood.  His daughter Olive almost died at the hands of the Collector, a Russian cibopath who cannibalizes other people with food-based psychic powers in order to add them to his own.  The self-stylized vampire took down a number of Tony’s friends and enemies, all teaming up to bring the Collector down.  They all failed, and Tony himself is not in a forgiving mood, even for his closest friend and partner John since John knew Savoy was both training Olive and going off to fight the Collector without telling Tony anything.

As it is, this volume covers John trying to get Tony to do the one thing that will guarantee victory, Tony realizing he maybe needs to forgive his friend while following through on his late sister’s idea on how to beat the Collector, and then giving the Collector the much-needed curb-stomping death this guy has been deserving since his first appearance.  Sure, with Savoy or even Tony’s boss Applebee, it’s often personal and Tony has good reason not to like these men.  But for the Collector, it’s a far different thing as the character is easily the epitome of evil for this series.

And then the Collector gets exactly what he deserves.

Does this volume solve any of the lingering mysteries the series has set up?  Not really.  What it does do is settle out one long-time plotline in a rather satisfactory way with a final teaser page suggesting things may be going tragic again for poor Tony very soon.  Once again, John Layman’s script and Rob Guillory’s artwork tell a fun story that I really hope to finish some time this year.

8.5 out of 10 new Hell Lords.

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