April 21, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Omega Shield”

Season Six, Episode One.

Are we still pretending Lotor is a good guy?  We are?  OK.

Yes, the Paladins are visiting Lotor’s flagship to try and get some planning in, and the worst person is there!  No, not Haggar.  She’s bad, but she’s somewhere else.  No, it’s Lotor’s old governess, the one who taught Lotor everything about being a Galra.  And Hunk, well, he asks some questions, so she takes him off to learn some lessons.  Those lessons involve pain.  Pain causes learning apparently, and the only way to end the lessons early is to have a fight to the death.  True, learning Galra customs will probably be very helpful, but how helpful could it be?

Actually, quite a bit.  Sendak is still out there, and he attacks a shield facility protecting a planet from radiation bursts.  It certainly doesn’t help that the Galra on the station are arguing over who should be the Galra Emperor, but this is a case where the comedic subplot actually helps with the dramatic main plot.  That would be when Hunk remembers his training to make the Galra stop arguing.  And…it works.  But the shield was damaged.  Hunk and Pidge can maybe fix it with the other Lions.  That would require Pidge and Shiro to charge the shield, Hunk to push the loose pieces back together, and Allura and Lance to fix the one broken disk.  And…

…Shiro blacks out in the middle of using his cyberhand to charge the shield.  The first burst is stopped, but what about the second?  Shiro has been having problems staying awake, so there’s something going on.  Plus, Lance pushes Allura’s Lion out of the way so she wouldn’t die.  Allura does revive Lance by flying from her Lion to his and using her Magical Princess Powers, and Pidge has to physically hold Shiro’s hand to the right panel.  So, that solves the second and final burst long enough for the Galra to finish repairs to protect the planet below.

But c’mon man.  Lotor was asked if he’d start freeing planets and he demurred rather than answer.  He’s a bad dude making excuses!  Don’t fall for it!

Then again, Haggar is seeing through Shiro’s eyes, and she just found a location that allowed her to return to her pre-corrupted physical form, so she may be a more immediate problem.