October 1, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Armageddon Factor Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Armageddon Factor," Episode Three.

Why do people keep trying to torture the Doctor into helping them?  It never works.  He knows things about them that proves he’s rarely in any real danger.

That would be what happens when the Doctor, kidnapped last time, finds himself on Zeos surrounded by black-skinned aliens in robes.  They stick a mind-control gizmo on his neck, and he just removes it.

That looked really easy.

Electro-shock?  Nope.

See, these guys want the fragments to the Key of Time, and are even torturing Princess Astra in the next room since she’s the last royal left in her family and the last segment is a family secret.

We’re going to find out she’s the fragment, aren’t we?

That seems to be what’s going on.  Merak, desperate, grabs the fragment detector from Romana and takes the trans-mat to Zeos.  Romana and K9 are a bit behind because they need to re-open the door to the transporter.  And then along comes the Marshal, who sends his sarcastic assistant Shapp.

But who is torturing the Doctor?  That would be…the Shadow!

Sadly, no.

The Shadow has the TARDIS and demands the Doctor go inside and retrieve the other five pieces.  But the Doctor knows the Shadow can’t kill him or else he’ll never get those pieces.  So, threatening the Doctor doesn’t work.

Eventually, the Shadow goes off to do other things and leaves the Doctor alone.  Shapp finds the Doctor, and we do learn something interesting:  whoever those robed guys are, they don’t seem to sound like Zeons.  Shapp says Zeons look a lot like, well, his people, and his people look human, so MESSAGE.

However, now the Doctor can call K9 while Romana and Merak catch up.  K9 was a little late because he met the Commandant of Zeos, basically the guy calling the shots, and well, when K9 takes the Time Lords and the other two back to the Commandant, it’s a computer that can defend itself in case Shapp tries to shoot it.  Looks like everyone else on Zeos took a powder a long time ago and left the war to a computer.

Of course, someone promised the Marshall that the war is over, and the Commandant/Computer agrees, but that means different things.  For the Commandant, it means no more fighting.

For the Masrhall, it means personally flying to Zeos in the last bomber to finish the war in the most explosively way possible.

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