May 19, 2024

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Jack Ryan “The Boy”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Man, this is one dastardly terrorist.

Plus, Cathy learns things!

So, one of the most rote plotlines for what has been some rather high quality television is the promised romantic block that is Jack lying to Cathy about what he does for a living.  And that finally comes to pass.  Cathy discovered that the vaccine-resistant Ebola might be back, and she’s asked to brief some government agents due to the nature of its resurfacing.  And then Jack walks in, with Greer referring to him as a CIA employee.  And Cathy is soooooooo mad about the lies, and Jack is soooooooo sorry.  This kind of thing can last a while and…

Oh, they make up by the end of the episode?  Look, that was a nice scene, and the pair have a nice camaraderie, but the only thing I want to add about this subplot is I’m glad it’s over.  Plus, as Cathy points out, now he doesn’t have to hide when he gets an important phone call because it’s very important.

Plus, we now know what Suleiman wants with those doctors in that he infected all of them with the Ebola, and the one guy is a personal friend to the President.

And all that after Jack did everything he could to ensure a ground team went to Suleiman’s compound rather than just drop a bomb.  Greer would prefer Jack not do stuff like that, but it works, and that will make Hanin happy.

But it turns out Hanin and Suleiman’s kids are still chatting through video games, and that leads Suleiman to realize where his wife is.  He’s just lucky Junior isn’t mad Dad lied about Mom’s being dead.  Then again, Junior got to shoot a assault rifle into the air, so that sure does please a teenage boy.  Maybe Greer is right about the kid already being halfway to being a terrorist himself.

Point is, the assault team does rescue the hostages, but they all got infected with the Ebola after Suleiman gave them some multivitamins.  And then the head doctor got to hang out with his buddy the president.  And he has a cough.

Oh snap!  This Suleiman guy is gonna get it!