December 6, 2022

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “White Lion”

Season Five Finale.

Man, this show is really trying hard to prove Lotor isn’t a sneaky jackass waiting to do something awful to everyone around him.

I’m not fallin’ fer that, Voltron: Legendary Defender!

In the meantime, Lotor and the Paladins are looking to find the planet Oriande.  That’s a mystical, potentially fictional world that is the source of all knowledge on Altaean alchemy.  Get there, and there might be a way to harvest quintessence in such a way as to provide energy for all and stop the Galra Empire from being so, I dunno, imperialistic.

That and a buck-fifty will get you a cup o’ coffee.

I know Lance doesn’t trust Lotor, but I think it’s for more, shall we say, hormonal reasons.

At any rate, that glowing rock from the last episode leads the castle to the source, and the probable hiding place for Oriande.  It’s a graveyard of ships, a regular Forbidden Zone, and most likely because it’s centered around a white hole.  That’s like a black hole, except it constantly spews energy out rather than suck matter in.  The castle wouldn’t make it, but maybe Voltron can!

Nope!  Voltron can’t either!  A giant, white energy lion’s head forms and blasts Voltron out, leaving Voltron powerless.  The castle too.  That might be a problem if our heroes want to keep breathing.  But then Allura and Lotor find marks on their faces glowing, suggesting they might be the chosen ones who can go in.  Not everyone can.  Coran can’t, for example, and the others hanging around are the wrong species because even the White Lion guardian is a Space Racist.

Point is, Lotor and Allura can go in while the others try not to suffocate.  And there are a variety of tests and guardians along the way, and it occurs to me that Allura figures all of them out on her own and Lotor can’t get past a single one of them.  So, naturally, when it comes time to take the final test, the pair are separated and each are threatened by another White Energy Lion.  Lotor draws a blade and shouts defiance.  Allura surrenders to the guardian.

And for that, Lotor gets kicked out and Allura gets to ascend to higher levels of knowledge.

Lotor seemed really mad not to get inside…

Regardless, the castle and the Lions can be recharged now, and all seems well.

You know, aside from Haggar watching the whole thing happen through Shiro’s eyes.

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