December 6, 2022

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Jack Ryan “Sources And Methods”

Season One, Episode Six.

So, that drone operator Victor went to Syria, and since I don’t know why we’re following this guy, I’ve got nothing to say about him.

Seriously, why are we spending so much time with this guy?

Because compared to everything else going on, including Cathy’s discovering a rare strain of Ebola may be popping up again, something that clearly came from the episode’s prologue where we saw six months earlier Suleiman and Ali dug up an Ebola graveyard for a corpse, at least seems to be connected to everything else that’s going on.

But the main focus of the plot is the race to get to Hanin first as she and her daughters flee to the coast to try to catch a boat to Europe.  Suleiman has a goon after them, and Jack and Greer have to work with a local.

The local is a sex trafficker, and while Greer understands the necessity to work with awful people to get things done for the greater good, it never sits right with Jack.  Jack’s told by a local operative as soon as he arrives that there are no good guys to work with here, and the trafficker actually does manage to find the women.

Sadly, the goon got to them first, but then there’s a stand-off.  Suleiman wants his daughters back, but he isn’t as interested in bringing his wife back.  The human trafficker guys already sold her to the goon, and they can’t go back on that.  With guns pointed everywhere, Greer’s “friend” negotiates to take Hanin only and let the girls go back to their dad.  Jack doesn’t like it, but all guns are lowered.

Then Greer puts a bullet in the goon’s head, and he and Jack can rescue the girls too.  Not a bad bit of television tension.

Greer, it should be noted, shares with Jack why he’s not a favorite in the CIA these days.  Idealistic Jack doesn’t want to work with bad guys.  Greer used to be that way.  Will Jack himself become jaded some day?

We’ll have to wait and see.  Jack does get Hanin to agree to help on the condition that Jack do as much as humanly possible to rescue her son.  Of course he’ll do that much.  He’s a good guy.

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