May 31, 2023

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Titans “E.L._.O.”

Season Two, Episode Eleven.

Titans has a serious Bruce Wayne problem.

By that, I mean he’s often the best part of any episode he appears in.  Why would that be a problem?  Because, quite frankly, the best part of a show about the Titans should not be one of their mentors.  I do appreciate that the series is giving Bruce some screentime and even making good use of the character.  Plus, Ian Glen always seems to be having a ball playing the guy.

But really, why is he the best part of the show?

The plot is usually so plodding.  Why did the Titans break up?  They seem to be mostly back together again exactly two episodes later.  And that’s because Bruce managed to get Dawn, Kory, Donna, and Rachel to go out to a diner in the middle of nowhere and convince them that they’re better off together than separately because the world is so awful.

Meanwhile, the Bruce hallucination Dick keeps having points out Dick missed something.  And sure enough, Dick did miss something:  Slade was using sign language.  Jericho has been inside his father all these years.

Anyway, all the Bruce stuff not only works on me, it works on the Titans.  Donna and Dove go back to the Tower to check on Gar and Conner.  Both of them are missing.  Kory and Rachel go to bust Dick out of jail, but he’s already out, leaving a message about Jericho scratched into a wall.

How am I supposed to feel about this?  Dick is so bland, and the other Titans seem to be just moving around as the plot demands.  They need to fill a thirteen episode season, so they break up and then reunite within three episodes.  Slade has been an underdeveloped villain, and I have a hard time caring what happens to any of these people.  I don’t even necessarily blame the actors.  I blame the material.

Oh, and Mercy programmed Gar to kill using a remote control while Jason and Rose bond over showtunes before Rose calls her dad to say she won’t sabotage the Titans anymore.

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