June 12, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Power Of Kroll Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Power of Kroll," Episode One.

What’s this?  “The Power of Krull?”  Krull sucks!

Oh wait, that’s “The Power of Kroll“.  Big difference.

On the third moon of Delta Magna, some humans are working on some kind of power plant that isn’t sitting too well with the natives on this giant bog of a not-quite-planet.  The humans call those people the Swampies, even when they have one working for them.

Sadly, the Swampies don’t look like this guy, but instead seem to be just a bunch of Jolly Green Giant cosplayers.

And yeah, calling them “Swampies” does sound a bit like Space Racism.

Anyhoo, the humans at the plant spot another ship following one of theirs down and conclude its a gun-runner.  Said gun-runner may have been hired by the generally peaceful protest group the Sons of Earth to arm the Swampies who would otherwise be displaced by the many, many stations that would be built if this one turns out successful.

These power plant guys suck!

But where’s the Doctor?  It is his show.  Well, the TARDIS plops down in a bog, close to where he and Romana can find the fifth fragment.  Due to the watery nature of, oh, everything, K9 has to stay in the TARDIS for this one, but his voice actor John Leeson is playing one of the techs at the station, getting his only onscreen role in any Doctor Who story.  And considering he still voices K9 today when the robo-dog pops up somewhere, that’s kinda nice.

Anyway, the humans grab the Doctor after mistaking him for the gun-runner, and the gun-runner grabs Romana so the Swampies can sacrifice her to their god, a giant squid.

Granted, the Doctor just walks out a station door to go find Romana, but she sure is spooked when those clawed tentacles show up to grab her…