November 29, 2023

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Dark “Der Weiße Teufel/The White Devil”

Season Two, Episode Seven.

Wait, is everybody on this show related to somebody now?

And was Rust Cohle right about time being a flat circle?

See, I ask because it sure does seem unlikely that anyone could change anything.  We saw old Claudia take young Jonas off to change the fate of Winden and maybe prevent the Apocalypse that is all of one day away.

But can he?  Presumably, this same thing happened to Adam and made him what he is as an old man in 1921.

By the by, I know Adam is presumably the series Big Bad, but he’s a more abstract villain with an impossible goal.  Meanwhile, Hannah (his mother) is a liar who almost ruined Ulrich’s life in the 80s and with the help of time travel doesn’t do much to help him in the 50s.  Her obsessive lusts for a married man that she punishes when she realizes he doesn’t love her the same way seems like something far more likely to happen than the destruction of space and time by some guy putzing around in the 20s.  Point is, I can find her far less sympathetic as a result.  Kind of a Voldemort/Umbrage thing.  We never need to worry about Wizard Hitler, but we probably have dealt with the more mundane evils of the sadistic paper-pusher who never seems to get a real punishment, so we find our feelings against a lesser series antagonist a lot stronger as a result.  Or, at least in this case, I do.

But was she hitting it off with 50s Egon?  That guy was creeped out enough by the “White Devil,” a name given to a Jane Doe corpse in the morgue with two different colored eyes.  Young Helge identified her as such.  And yes, it’s the corpse of old Claudia, shot a few episodes ago, and apparently riddled with radiation.

Time comes in that flat circle when later, in the 80s, we see Egon’s death after a short struggle with his adult daughter.  80s Claudia wanted to keep the caves secret for scientific research purposes.  Egon wanted to alert the authorities.  She accidentally knocks him over, he hits his head, and calls her the White Devil as he dies.

So, that prediction came true.

But yeah, in 2020, everyone is related.  Martha finally meets the Stranger Jonas, learns who he is, and then has her mom show up and finish the story.  That went…weird.  Especially since the Stranger still seems to be smitten with this teenage girl.  Um, ew.

Maybe if Martha and the others listened more to Bartosz, except no one listens to Bartosz.  To be fair, he doesn’t really know anything.

Besides, Clausen thinks Bartosz’s father Aleksander may be his own long-lost brother, arresting Aleksander for a wide variety of crimes while messing around at the power plant in a way I am sure is in no way, shape, or form a problem.

Why does Katharina keep going back to Hannah’s house?  This time, she wanted a time machine, but Hannah took it (see above), and while Magnus does have one (he kept Bartosz’s), he doesn’t know how to use it.  The only thing that machine is good for is getting Magnus out of an awkward argument between Franziska and her parents when it comes out that, yeah, Charlotte and Peter knew about time travel.

C’mon, Franziska, they both have only know about it for, like, two days.

Well, it looks like Katharina is looking to go on a rescue mission for her missing relatives, but the one mission that might be successful shows up in 80s Claudia’s house.  That would be young Jonas, looking for a team-up.

This makes far more sense when I watch it than when I recap it.  There’s only one episode of Dark left right now for season two until the third and final season drops at some point in the future.  All I know is, it can’t get too much more confusing.