September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Bloodlines”

Season Five, Episode Five.

It’s kinda weird seeing the Paladins walking around a Galra warship without anyone trying to kill them.

I’m sure that won’t last because Lotor is a shifty jackass.

I mean, he spends a lot of time in this episode with Allura, trying to get her to use some more of her Magical Princess Powers (or Altean alchemy stuff) to see if they can find a quintessence powersource that can maybe be used for good.  All this stuff comes from what is probably Haggar’s old workroom, the place where Allura finally figures out that Altean hanging around Zarkon (still in the opening credits, just sayin’) for all those years was, in fact, once Zarkon’s wife by another name and probably Lotor’s mother.

Lotor won’t say such a woman was ever his mother.

Yeah, nothing disturbing there.

Plus, he gets really excited when Allura does activate something old that could lead to quintessence.

You know, the stuff Lotor was looking for before when he was a bad guy.

He still is a bad guy, I’m sure.

But more interesting is Keith’s storyline.  Sent by the Blade of Marmora to find a deep cover agent to ensure a rogue Galra commander doesn’t get a superweapon of some kind, he finds the woman agent, a Galra named Krolia.  Sure, they don’t manage to keep the weapon out of the hands of the Galra rogue, but that may work out because the weapon is alive, angry, and probably hungry.  Those sorts of weapons never work out right anyway.

But Keith saw Krolia do some fancy stuff with his dagger, and she said some stuff about not leaving him behind again, so you’d think he would catch on without being told that Krolia is his mother.

See, that is more interesting that anything Lotor and Allura are up to.

Somewhere in the middle is the other plotline where Pidge and Hunk reprogram a Galra robot to have fun of a rather destructive nature, bringing Lance and eventually two guards along for a day of crazy fun.  Because fun is fun.

Now, go have some fun.