February 26, 2024

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Titans “Fallen”

Season Two, Episode Ten.

So, I’m pretty sure the coolest character on the show right now is Krypto.  He doesn’t whine or complain about much of anything.  Plus, he plays a mean game of catch.

Too bad he can’t talk.

I mean, if he did, maybe he’d tell off Conner when the clone kid told Krypto to go away.  Krypto does, but only to retrieve Gar because Krypto is a good boy.

True, Krypto is the first one to go down when Mercy Graves’ people attacks the Tower, but the fact the dog first knew where the Tower was, second knew how to ring the doorbell, and third, could go find Conner again shows he’s a very good boy.

Granted, Krypto was caught in a kryptonite net, Gar-as-a-tiger got tranquilized, and Conner surrendered when Mercy offered to fix his mood swings.  And probably not in a way he would like, particularly since she also sees Gar as something to sell alongside the clone of Superman.

And just as Gar was about to finally call Bruce Wayne…

What about Rachel, who ran away for some unknown reason?

Well, she saved a runaway girl from her abusive father, but then Rachel’s powers went off on their own and killed the guy.  So, it looks like Rachel has a little group of her own that in a normal show would go somewhere, but this is Titans and season two only has three episodes left after this one, so I doubt it.

And Dick went to jail.  He got seven years for pleading guilty after assaulting some federal agents at the airport, determined to make no friends in jail, much to the dismay of the one guard hoping Dick would put a good word in for said guard because the show remembered Dick is still possibly a cop in Detroit.

And then Dick helps some illegal immigrants in the jail escape before they get deported.  Now, I don’t necessarily mind when superhero shows get a little political.  True, it’s usually half-assed, but this is Titans, a show that does everything half-assed, so I suspect a political statement is what, at best, quarter-assed?

Well, maybe Donna will do something.  She actually went back to the Tower and saw signs of a struggle.

As long as someone does something.

Preferably Krypto.