March 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Kral Zera”

Season Five, Episode Four.

Kral Zera!  The ceremony by which Galra choose a new Emperor!  Kral Zera!  The epic manner in which we see how the mighty Galra pick a leader!

Basically, the aspiring emperor just needs to light a torch first.  Granted, the other Galra aspirants are trying to kill him while that happens, but that’s it.

And Lotor wants to go and try his hand to become the new Emperor and, he claims, become a force for good.

OK, having seen the various Lotor episodes before he hooked up with the Paladins, I know for a fact he will not be a strong ally if he gets the torch lit first.  And, quite frankly, the Paladins aren’t sure what to do.  Do they help Lotor or not?  There’s some general squabbling, and then Shiro yells at everybody because they annoy him.

Something is wrong with Shiro.  But we knew that already unless this is our first episode of the show.  And if so…why?  Why watch this random episode first?  That’s just silly.

Oh, and Keith and the Blade of Marmora are looking to blow up the ceremony before a new emperor can be crowned.  That’s awfully pro-active.  I approve.  Mostly.

Oh, and Haggar has her own choice in the form of Sendak.  He looks like he got an upgrade on the arm of his.  Is it fair that he has that for this fight?  Probably not.

But then things get weird.  Shiro flies in with the Black Lion to drop Lotor off.

He didn’t tell anyone he was doing that, did he?

But there is a problem because Keith now has to try and disarm those bombs.  He’s only so-so successful.  And Lotor seems to be almost Sendak’s equal.  You know, as long as another Galra general doesn’t cheat.

A Galra general cheats and sends some ships to bombard the place.  Besides, a lot of the Galra think Lotor planted the bombs to cheat.

Fortunately, the other Paladins show up with their Lions, and Voltron can take out those pesky Glara ships while Lotor lights the beacon, becoming the new Emperor.

We can probably take Zarkon out of the opening credits now.

Oh, and Sendak is also still alive, so that might go somewhere.

Also, since there are, like, three more seasons of this show, I can’t see Lotor being a real ally much longer, but I said that already.

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