March 26, 2023

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Dark “Vom Suchen Und Finden/Lost And Found”

Season Two, Episode Five.

Dark is the kind of show where it basically sucks to be, oh, everybody.

How does it suck to be various people?

Well, it sucks to be young Jonas because he sees what a jaded, heavily-scarred dick he’s going to become, particularly when Adam suggests he wants to defeat God/time, and even though he maybe can stop the Winden Apocalypse, Adam seems more inclined to maybe cause it.

It sucks to be adult Jonas, the Stranger, when he realizes his mom loved Ulrich more than his dad.

It sucks to be Ulrich because, just as he finally finds his lost son Mikkel and tries to get him back to 2020 in the caves, the cops arrest him.

It sucks to be Egon because he’s supposed to die in a couple days and Ulrich vowed to kill him.

It further sucks to be Ulrich when the police car carrying him home passes new time travelers Martha and Magnus on the side of the road.

It sucks to be Katharina because just as she wants to reach out to the aforementioned Magnus and Martha, the two of them don’t want to hear of it.  It likewise sucks that she needs to find the Stranger, he’s missing, and the only person who can maybe help is Hannah, someone Katharina detests for good reason.

It sucks to be Hannah because both Katharina and the Stranger tell her off.  Again, she deserves it.

It sucks to be Bartosz because his parents don’t seem to notice he’s missing until well after he spent the night tied up in a cave.  And it further sucks that, just as he finally fessed up to his friends, and even took them back to the 80s, they still don’t seem too interested in what he’s doing.

And it sucks to be Charlotte when she finally finds Noah, the man she’s been looking for, and learns he may be her long lost biological father.

Basically, it sucks all around.

So, will it stop sucking?  Hard to say.  Young Jonas wants to change what happens, and Adam does show him where a dark matter wormhole is in 1921, one that will allow Jonas to travel anywhere in time, not just in those 33 year gaps.  Jonas wants to try to talk his father out of suicide, so, well, off he goes again.

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