April 12, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Postmortem”

Season Five, Episode Three.

Hey, uh, Voltron: Legendary Defender?  You might want to change your opening credits now.  Zarkon isn’t really much of a threat any more.

Yeah, he dead.

Dead dead dead dead.

Really dead.

That means the Galra need to choose a new leader, and that can be pretty dangerous for a lot of people.  Lotor wants to go back to make his claim, and the various Paladins argue over it…until Shiro, siding with Lotor, snaps at the others to shut up since he’s in charge.  He’s especially harsh to Lance.

That seems a wee bit out-of-character.  Then again, I think Haggar did something to him.

Haggar, for her part, recruits Lotor’s former generals to bring her someone who can maybe run the Empire.  Is it her son?  Nope!  She possibly doesn’t want him on the throne because it’s safer if he isn’t there.  It looks like…wait, is that Sendak?  He ain’t dead?  Huh.

But this is an action cartoon, so we can’t just have Galra politics all over the place.  Lance seems to be getting better with the Red Bayard, and Allura is…impressed?  Really?  This episode is full of mild surprises.

The less-mild surprise is the Galra attack on the planet Olkarion.  That’s the planet of the tech-plants.  And the attack is some kind of computer virus that infects the plants into warping everything in their path, including an ion cannon and Voltron.

Did I mention Voltron is on that planet?  Because it is.

Anyway, the only way out is for all the Paladins to use their Bayards at the same time and temporarily go to the astral plane.  Except…Shiro doesn’t come through right away, and he’s kinda faint.

Allura thought there was something off about him.

She may be right.

He does seem to shout something at Lance, but it’s hard to follow and he doesn’t understand it.  And this isn’t the usual way Lance doesn’t understand something because he’s kinda dumb.  No, I didn’t understand it either.

Anyway, by then, Matt and Commander Holt proved Pidge is no longer the only all-purpose smart person on the show and reversed the virus.  The ion cannon takes out the Galra cruiser responsible and Voltron takes out a giant plant-based canon monster.  All is well.

Except Shiro tells Lance he never said anything on the astral plane.

Something is wrong with Shiro.

We’ll have to see where this goes.