April 24, 2024

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Watchmen “An Almost Religious Awe”

Season One, Episode Seven.

So, it seems Adrian isn’t on the same time line as the rest of the show, as we see in his one scene here that he’s been on trial for, you know, mass, mass, mass murder in his hidey-hole for the past year.  All those clones trying him, the Game Warden acting as judge, and the final verdict brought in by a pack of pigs.  He’s guilty.

I kinda want a potbellied pig right now.

Meanwhile, Angela continues to detox from her grandpa’s nostalgia.  She has a tube running from herself to another room that, she’s told, is her grandpa.  Lady Trieu also insists that they not meet because that could cause confusion.

That makes sense as Angela is having her traumatic childhood memories mix with her grandpa’s.  How was her childhood?  Well, as a kid growing up in Vietnam, she saw a suicide bomber kill her parents, idolized fictional superheroes and very real cops, and after spending time in a sweat-shop style oprhanage, her grandma finally shows up to take her back to Tulsa only for the old lady to die of a heart attack before they even get to the airport.

But she met Cal over there.  And that’s where things go a little strange.

See, Laurie gets captured by the Seventh Kavalry because they want Doctor Manhattan’s powers.  Really, even she looked surprised about the defective trapdoor Judd’s widow used.  And there’s Senator Keene saying it’s too tough to be a white man in America, so he’ll just have to turn blue.

Meanwhile, Lady Trieu says she’s there to save the world, but she has plans to subvert the Kavalry.  She also says she knows Dr. Manhattan is living like a regular guy in Tulsa.  Angela, she doesn’t seem too surprised by that, but that comes after she learns she was actually having the drug filtered, not through her grandpa, but through a tranquilized elephant.

So, Angela goes home, and says Cal has been a good husband.  No, she calls him Jon.  He doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about.  You know, until she brings a hammer down on his head.  Then she pulls something out, and he starts to glow blue.

And she knew about this.

She may not know the Kavalry’s attempts to nab Wade don’t seem to have worked since there are a lot of dead Kavalry guys around Wade’s house, but no Wade.

Someone is going to get biblical on someone else.