March 30, 2023

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Dark “Die Reisenden/The Travelers”

Season Two, Episode Four.

I know superficially Dark is often compared to Stranger Things, and it’s not a great comparison since Dark is much, well, darker than Stranger Things.  But one thing Stranger Things often does is have the characters split up by age group and go off on separate adventures.

Something like that happens here, but it is, you know, much darker.

For starters, this is a dark episode, but it’s a dark series.  What do you do, for example, if you come across your future self and find out you become a deformed freak and possibly the ultimate evil?

That’s what happened to Jonas.  He goes back in time to 1921 and poses as a veteran from the “eastern front”.  Always a good answer if you’re a timelost German.  He tries to go home, but the wormhole doesn’t exist yet, and young Noah takes him to older Noah and finally old Adam…who has the same neck scar as Jonas.  And he doesn’t seem very nice.

Meanwhile but at the same time, in 2020, we see a couple generations of people doing things.  80s Claudia hits the local library and learns a lot of stuff, like how her father died.  She ends up going back to the 80s.  Clausen grills Regina’s husband Aleksander, and he thinks the guy who took his wife’s name might be hiding something.  Peter and Charlotte meet up at Tronte’s bunker, finding Stranger Jonas and Hannah, where they compare notes and yes, all of them believe in time travel.  They try bringing Katharina in to tell her what happened to Mikkel and Ulrich, but she doesn’t believe them…especially since Hannah is involved.

That is, until she goes to her job as principal at the local school and checks old class photos and sure enough, there’s Mikkel.

But wait, I said the kids did something because they are the only age group left.  Well, Magnus, Martha, Elisabeth, and Franziska head off to the caves and find Bartosz with the time machine.  Do they want an explanation from their friend, particularly since Magnus and Martha are missing relatives and Barosz has always been kinda sketchy?

Nah, they beat him up, tie him up, and take the time machine.


Oh, and in 2050, old Elisabeth knows about the God Particle.  She isn’t a fan.

Dark things happen on Dark!

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