May 17, 2022

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Titans “Bruce Wayne”

Season Two, Episode Seven.

I’m not sure who my favorite character is right now:  Krypto or the hallucination of Bruce Wayne that appears in this episode.

I could go either way.

In Krypto’s favor, Dr. Watson gets him out of his cell, gets him to heat vision the kryptonite collar off, and then grabs hold of the dog as it flies away out a window to sniff out Conner.

In fake Bruce’s favor…oh, he’s just so jolly  Iain Glen looks like he’s having fun, and finally somebody is.  I think he did the Batusi at one point.  Titans is such a dreary show, I always get a little excited to see someone actually enjoying themselves in what should be at least a little silly.

Basically, we have Conner dying and no way to cure him because none of the Titans know what he’s made of.  Eve Watson shows up with Krypto and tells them sunlight could cure him if they get enough of if.  Cue Kory with her starbolts and Rachel to hold the energy in.

They might not have had to do that if Dick was, you know, competent.  They tell him he should call Bruce and talk to Jason.  He doesn’t call Bruce, possibly because he’s seeing a silly one, and he only pops in on Jason for a second before wandering off to find Slade by himself.

Because that has worked out so well so far.

All he finds is Not-Bruce telling him to stop keeping secrets, asking various associates where Slade is, and only really finding Slade’s middleman at a hotel suite which seems to have a different topless woman in each room.  Any other show would treat that as silly.  Not Titans.

While all this is going on, someone is leaving stuff around the tower to taunt the others.  There’s alcohol for Hank, a photo of a dead friend for Dawn, Garth’s favorite soda for Donna, and other stuff, and everyone accuses Jason because…he knows them that well?

Does no one notice Jason is suicidal?

Rose says Dick killed her brother, too.

Eventually, Dick comes back and decides to come clean to Jason before the kid jumps off the roof.  He says he did kill Rose’s brother Jericho.

Bruce fades away from there, which is too bad since I was at the least digging Glen’s weird American accent.

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