January 24, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Invasion Of Time Part 4”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Invasion of Time," Episode Four.

Loyal guard Andred has the Doctor at gunpoint inside the  TARDIS under the mistaken belief the Doctor betrayed Gallifrey!  That’s a real problem!

And the Doctor doesn’t bat an eyelash because he doesn’t do that sort of thing.  First he has K9 stun the guard, and when Andred wakes up, points out that ray guns don’t work in the TARDIS.  Then he explains how the Vardans are telepathic and the only way to take them out was to play along.  Like his presidential offices, the Doctor’s TARDIS is shielded.

It’s also why K9 has been trundling along on his own for the past few episodes:  since if the Doctor’s mind can be read, then K9 will have to do all the work since the robo-dog, the Doctor’s second best friend, hasn’t got a brain.

Who’s the Doctor’s best friend?  I assume the show means Leela, but during all this, she’s been organizing the Outsiders into a fighting force to take back the Citadel of the Time Lords.  But I can’t help but think the Doctor has had so many companions that it could be any of them.  My money would be on Jaime or Sarah Jane at this point, but we haven’t seen either of them for a while, so here we are.

As it is, after giving Andred a reinforced helmet, all the Doctor needs to do is get the Vandans to fully materialize, have K9 locate their planet of origin, and then put the whole planet in a time loop and end the threat of the Vandans once and for all.

And…that’s more or less what happens.  The Vandans materialize and are just some guys in green jumpsuits.  By then, K9 does everything he has to do, Leela led the Outsiders right to the Doctor, and the day is saved.

That was pretty quick.  I thought this serial had six episodes?

Oh, wait, now there are Sontarans on Gallifrey.

Wait, I thought those guys only really wanted to take out those weird shapeshifters that invade lighthouses?

I am so confused right now.

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