September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Prisoner”

Season Five, Episode One.

Well, here we are at the start of season five.  When last we left off, Lotor offered an alliance.  So, is he the newest Paladin?

Nope!  They locked his ass up, and he feeds Shiro and Allura information.  Said information always turns out to be good stuff, but it’s still all he’s doing.  Shiro isn’t sure he’s really given up enough dirt yet, and Allura refers to the Galra as the most evil race in the galaxy, forgetting the Blade of Marmora exists and once again showing she is a Space Racist.

But Lotor does have one more offer, a personal one:  the possible location of Matt and Pidge’s father.

That too risky to take Votron to, and this episode had Voltron form inside a lava tube that somehow had the flight space for the standard “form Voltron” animation.

But Pidge, Matt, and some rebels can go alone in the Green Lion!

You know, the action sequence showing the heroes rescuing what turns out to be a ton of prisoners from the planet’s surface with only a single Lion is actually pretty impressive in the way they split up, offer different contributions, and ultimately save the day for everyone but Sam Holt because he ain’t there no more.

So, I guess we aren’t getting him back any time soon, and if you think Pidge could get in trouble for sneaking off by herself with the Green Lion, you must be new to this show because Shiro forgives everything.  It wasn’t that long ago when a member of the core group put a space parasite into his ear to get better showmanship ideas that endangered countless lives, and there were no hard feelings when it was over.  So, yeah, she won’t be on K.P. duty later or something.  The kitchen only makes sludge anyway.

No, the real progress comes when Zarkon learns from Lotor’s old generals, all of them looking for amnesty, where Lotor went.  So, apparently, Zarkon had the castle on speed-dial or something because he makes the Paladins a simple offer:  Sam Holt for Lotor.

Yeah, I don’t foresee the Paladins holding onto Lotor that much longer.  Nobody likes that guy anyway.