September 25, 2023

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Titans “Conner”

Season Two, Episode Six.

Hey, remember when season one of this show ended with a post-credits appearance of Superboy and Krypto?  Wasn’t that kinda cool and worth getting a little psyched over?

You might want to sit down.

Yes, what did happen with that Cadmus clone of Superman and Lex Luthor and that dog that violently broke out?  Well, the clone took a shirt with the name tag “Conner” on it, and…

You know, let’s cut to the chase.  This was a somewhat disappointing episode.  There was, like, one good scene.  The problem is Conner kinda sucks.  We’re told by one Dr. Eve Waston (it’s always a Watson) that this clone has the understanding of a child and, somehow, the memories of both his gene donors.

Because that’s exactly how science works.  I was experiencing my grandpa’s memories just yesterday.

Anyway, Conner and Krypto manage to get to Smallville, namely the Luthor farm where old, blind Lionel has photos of his bald kid around, and yes, he remembers the Kents.  Armed men show up and attack, and while Conner protects the old man, the best move comes from Krypto grabbing an airborne RPG and tossing it back at the guy with the rocket launcher.

Good dog.

Anyway, the episode then has Eve taking Conner to the San Francisco lab, showing him some aborted attempts at cloning, and then telling him to take off before Mercy Graves shows up to claim him.  Oh, and he shouldn’t use his powers because that will just draw attention to himself.

So, naturally, Conner is the one who catches Jason.

Someone had to.

And then Mercy shoots him with kryptonite bullets.  Krypto was subdued with a collar of the stuff.  No, I don’t know how they got that collar on the dog.

So, anyway, Superboy?  Not very impressive so far.