April 22, 2024

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Watchmen “Little Fear Of Lightning”

Season One, Episode Five.

Well, as much as I generally like Tim Blake Nelson, I didn’t think I really needed Looking-Glass’s origin story.

I love being wrong sometimes.

When he was a young man, Wade “Looking Glass” Tillman was a Jehovah’s Witness sent to preach to the heathens in Hoboken, New Jersey one fateful night.  A girl in 80s punk attire tricks him out of his clothes in a Hall of Mirrors, but then something happens.  After a brief headache, Wade staggers out to find almost everyone as far as the eye can see dead, including the girl who took his clothes.  See, somehow, a giant psychic squid got dropped in nearby Manhattan…

Fast forward to the present day, and we see Wade is a paranoid man who wears the mask and lines a baseball hat with the same substance while buying security systems to watch out for more psychic squid attacks.  He also leads a support group for survivors.

So, paranoid guy who lucked out to survive the terrible thing Ozymandias did to, well, everyone in the New York City metropolitan area.

What can make his life worse?

Well, maybe he’ll end up betraying someone.

First, he learns Laurie bugged his desk cactus and wants some dirt on Abigail, one of Wade’s few friends from the looks of things.  Abigail wants to know what those pills she took off her grandpa were, and Wade’s ex-wife works in biochemistry, specifically making cloned pets.

You know, Wade’s ex drops a cute puppy into some kind of fancy dishwasher-lookin’ thing.  I sure hope the show didn’t kill a puppy.  I mean, I know they didn’t actually kill a puppy, but I kinda want a puppy right now.

Well, the pills were something called “nostalgia” and give people the ability to share other people’s memories.

Meanwhile, Wade meets a woman at therapy who seems to be his type, but she gets a ride in a pick-up.

That drops a head of lettuce.

Like the truck that got that cop killed in the pilot episode.

And Wade follows them back to an abandoned factory only to find the Seventh Kavalry with a working teleporter.

Oh, and the whole thing was a set-up because Senator Keene is there, and he says he and Judd were working together to get the Kalvalry to do…something.

Will Wade join them?  Especially after Keene shows Wade a video confession from Adrian to President Redford?

It’s hard to say.  Wade can betray Abigail or the entire police department.  Which will he choose?

Abigail because she says the pills were from her grandpa Will, who claimed he murdered Judd.

Abigail swallows all the pills just as Laurie comes out to arrest her.  Abigail really shouldn’t have spoken too loudly by that bugged cactus.

As for Wade, well, he ain’t letting his paranoia go by the looks of things.

That would about the point those armed Seventh Kavalry types showed up at his house…