July 15, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #257: Synch

So, before this guy makes a big comeback, let's do a quick look at Synch.

You know, every so often, someone does something that quickly suggests who I’m going to cover for a given week.  That happened recently when I read Jonathan Hickman, currently writing some X-Men type stuff, had a storyline coming up with a strikeforce featuring three mutants, two of whom were somewhat obscure and didn’t appear very often.

I covered one of them before with Darwin, but the other one is a good choice for this weekly column, so let’s look a Synch.

Everett Thomas was a young man living in St. Louis when the Phalanx Covenant, a techno-organic alien race, decided to assimilate the X-Men and then eliminate the next generation of mutants.  X-Men associate Banshee managed to escape with sometime prisoner/sometime enemy Sabertooth and young mutant Jubilee.  The group then went out to rescue what young mutants they could, adding Emma “White Queen” Frost along the way.  The first stop was Everett whose mutant powers were basically to copy the superhuman powers of other people in his general vicinity, sometimes using them better than the original person to have them.

Now, the Phalanx Covenant storyline was intended, in part, as a set-up for the new Generation X series and team.  Everett was there as, well, for lack of a better word, the “normal” one.  He didn’t blow half his face off like Chamber when his powers kicked in.  He wasn’t ugly like either Skin or Penance.  His powers didn’t work in a particularly disgusting manner like Husk.  And he wasn’t holding a deep, dark secret like M.  Maybe the closest he came to another normal one was Jubilee, but she was sort of a demoted X-Man sent to the farm team, so I am inclined to say Everett was the normal one.  That is particularly true since most of his storylines seemed to be putting him in the center of a love triangle between Jubilee and M.

Now, Everett was killed when Emma’s treacherous sister caused problems that involved bombs.  Everett tossed himself over one to contain the blast, synching to M as the nearest mutant since she was invulnerable.  Unfortunately, she also wasn’t close enough, and he died.

For a little while anyway since this is the X-Men after all.  Everett would be revived once by something called the Transmode Virus, and more recently since, well, Hickman came up with a development where mutants literally do not stay dead.  Something to do with Xavier, Cerebro, and combing a few mutants’ powers together.  As such, Synch came back.

And now he’s on a mission with X-23 and Darwin.

Maybe this time he can stay alive.