February 9, 2023

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Titans “Deathstroke”

Season Two, Episode Five.

How cute.  The Titans actually think Doctor Light has Jason…

But mostly, I have questions.

Like, why did Deathstroke team up with Dr. Light in the first place?  Jason knocked him out two episodes ago before we got that flashback episode, and he knocked him out again this episode.  Slade just ends up killing the guy and stashing the tracker he pulled out of Jason onto Light’s body.

Why is it only Hank suggesting giving Rose back to Slade seems to be the only thing people heard?  Dick said something about leverage, and these people have to stop reminding him to be more like Batman because that is such a Batman thing to say.

Then Rose knocks the stuffings out of Hank as she tries to leave only for Rachel to seemingly accidentally kill her.  Then Rose got better.  Like, very quickly.

Why do I suspect that Rachel’s power problems will be fixed rather quickly?  Everything about this show seems to be fixed rather quickly when these people, I dunno, act like people with brains instead of constantly yelling at each other over keeping secrets.

Why did Gar go back to the Tower without Jason?  Not that Gar could have taken on Slade by himself, but he didn’t even look around.

Why did Dick think he could just surrender to the homicidal lunatic and get Jason free?  That never works.

Why did Kory know to follow Dick?  Or, more accurately since she said why, how did Kory know how to follow Dick without the guy trained by Batman noticing?

Why does Slade think Dick recruited and suited Jason up as the new Robin?  Doesn’t he know there’s a guy in Gotham City who does that?

Why wouldn’t Dick take Kory with her since she can clearly fight Slade to a standstill?

Oh, and why can’t Kory or Donna fly since Jason seems to be plummeting to his death?

Heck, why don’t Hank or Dawn have powers?

Probably budgetary reasons.  Those are the worst.

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