January 28, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Sun Makers Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Sun Makers," Episode Two.

Well, that ATM card led to a gas attack, and there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in my life.  Thanks, Doctor Who!

Yes, the Doctor got gassed, and from there taken away by the Plutonian authorities.  He wakes up in a straight jacket lying on his back as a friendly fellow named Bisham.  Bisham explains that this is stage one of what they do to criminals.  Later stages involve brain prep and then torture.  The Doctor probably won’t live, but he does manage to get up and hop over to the control panel.

Bisham’s crime?  He was curious, looked into the stuff he was handling, and the Doctor realized it was an airborne drug designed to keep people afraid.

Leela, meanwhile, showed why threatening to kill her is stupid because none of the rebels have the actual cojones to do so.  Since that’s obvious, she opts to leave to find the Doctor, but the only person brave enough to come with is Cordo.  For rebels, these guys sure are wimpy.

Leela does get some good news right away as she finds K9, like, right outside the bunker.

As for the Doctor, he managed to damage the panel.enough so that when a guard shows up to start the lobotomy or whatever, he only electrocutes himself after numerous warnings from the Doctor not to touch the panel.  The guy must have been deaf or something.

But then some authority figures show up to take the Doctor away.  There are some apologizes, he gets his money, and off he goes unaware the higher ups put a tracker on him.

Leela, meanwhile, learns about the fear chemicals in the air from K9 just before she manages to rescue Bisham.  He’s a nice guy.  He deserves it.

But, you know, things won’t stay good.  The rebels think the Doctor may have led the bad guys right to them and Leela’s group is confronted by some armed men on a tram car…

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