November 28, 2021

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Dark “Anfänge Und Enden/Beginnings And Endings”

Season Two, Episode One.

Well, this time travel show seemed pretty straightforward enough what with its three separate timelines.  Can we make it even harder to follow?

Sure!  Let’s add two more timelines!

Six months have passed since the last season, or, you know, as much as six months can pass in a time travel story.  So, we’re looking at 2020, 1987, and 1954.

Oh, and 1921 and 2053.


OK, we’ll look into 1987 and 1854 in some other episodes, I’m sure.  For now, what’s up with 1921 and 2053?

In 1921, we see two men digging a tunnel near the cave.  One has a lot of words tattooed on himself, but he’s doubting the group’s founder, Adam.  So, the other guy kills him with a pickaxe. That guy is young Noah.

Older Noah is his confessor.

And Adam wants Noah to retrieve some pages from Claudia Tiedemann’s journal before an apocalyptic event hits Winden in 2020.

By the by, the date for that is exactly six days for the 2020 timeline.

Over there, Bartosz breaks up with Martha.  He’s working for Noah.  Adam seems to know Bartosz.  Says he’s kinda dumb.  Huh.

However, Katharina went to check out the caves, young deaf Elisabeth recognized Noah in a very old photo her father Peter found while her mother Charlotte has to work with a new federal investigator named Clausen.  It seems Mikkel, Helge, Ulrich, and Jonas all never came back.  Now, I think Helge died in a car accident in 1986, and we know where Mikkel went, but what about Jonas?

He’s in 2053.  He’s not allowed to leave.  Older deaf Elisabeth runs the town now, most of the rest of the people from Jonas’s time are dead, and there’s something in the old power plant.  It might have something to do with Aleksander putting some toxic waste in there before the apocalypse.  But it’s an instant death sentence to go there as Elisabeth seems to be doing to some Frenchmen.  I think they’re French.  Their dialogue wasn’t dubbed over.  We got subtitles instead and it sounded French.  Doesn’t matter.  They were hung.

But Jonas goes in there anyway.

And there’s some crazy warp thing in there…

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