April 23, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Begin The Blitz”

Season Four, Episode Five.

So, after one weird episode involving Voltron doing the ice capades, we have something resembling a pay-off.

See, Shiro reasons that all that stuff was to build necessary alliances, and now that they have, well, a lot of them, they can retake a third of the Galran Empire in the course of a single battle.  That involves bringing in a lot of allies, many of whom are callbacks to previous episodes, but the main idea is for the Paladins and their allies to take some giant canons and then use them to take out Galran forces and liberate, like, a lot of planets.

That all happens after Pidge and Hunk manage to personally hack Galran communication for a temporary comm blackout, allowing everyone to move in.  Keith and the Blade of Marmora do well on their own, Voltron, of course, handles his task without difficulty because no one wants to mess with a giant robot.  OK, the rebels troops that include Pidge’s brother Matt have other issues, and many of their ships go down, but they get some help and do their job.

So, this is all good news, right?  Well, maybe not.

See, Lotor’s generals, remembering he killed one of them without batting an eye and worried about what happens when Zarkon catches them try to turn Lotor in themselves.  It doesn’t work, but we do know Lotor’s plan now is to do something with the not-really-destroyed gateway to all the Quintessence.  That…can’t be good for anybody if you think about it.  Lotor does escape on his own, so that means more trouble with his father’s forces hot on his trail.

Actually, the worst part may be when Haggar gets news the Rebel Alliance managed to capture a third of the Empire’s territory.  She just says a single word to what should be a staggering military defeat.