June 22, 2024

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “The Crystal Calls”

Season One, Episode Nine.

Well, Brea has knowledge and Deet now has superpowers thanks to a tree.  Shouldn’t Rian bring something to the table?

Yeah, he does.  He gets a big-ass sword, the fabled Dual Glaive built by the Heretic and the Wanderer ages ago as a symbolic weapon of how the Skeksis and the Mystics were once a single race of beings.

But first, Rian needs to find it.  The first half is easy.  The Maudra of Deet’s clan had it in her walking stick the whole time.  And she saw Rian’s father use it once, so the other half is in the Stone-in-the-Wood clan’s village.  One landstrider trip later, and Deet and Rian can pick up the other half.

Meanwhile, at Stately Skeksis Manor, the Hunter isn’t getting any better, and as the Skeksis try forcefeeding more Gelfling essence into the nearly dead guy (while the Heretic, Wanderer, and Hup care for a dying Archer), it’s Seledon’s and Brea’s turn.  Tavra is even setting them up, but then Aughra shows up with an offer.  Apparently, the Hunter was even her favorite.  She offers her own essence, the essence of Thra itself, to fix up the dying Hunter.  All she asks is the Gelflings be let go.  The Emperor…agrees.

Then he tells the General to make sure the Gelflings don’t escape, and by then, Tavra, permanently bonded to the Ascendency, lets her sisters know the Aratthim have joined the Gelflings and leads the released Gelflings through the tunnels under the castle to freedom.  The General and the Collector (why her?) show up to try and stop them, but the Arathim get involved, and Tavra even manages to seriously wound the General.

You go, Tavra!

Then the Chamberlain materializes out of nowhere to fatally wound Tavra.  Her sisters get her out, but the Chamberlain gives the General some essence to heal him and get on the guy’s good side.  With some more sweet-talk, he even gets his old position next the Emperor back.

OK, so, Rian and Deet do find the sword as Seledon (finally sane) and Brea bury their sister, but then something happens when Rian joins the two halves of the Glaive together:  ever Gelfling fire turns blue and show Rian to them with the Dual Glaive, allowing him to call all the Gelflings to arms.

Of course, the Emperor also sees it through the Crystal, and rather than try to denounce Rian or sweet-talk his audence, he shouts threats and pretty much guarantees a rebellion.

He’s not good at the politics, and all because he’s scared to die.  Heck, he even hung the Hunter up like a marionette to make him look alive.

Is he still moving?

Oh, and the Scientist has a new job:  use some Arathim corpses to build a new army.

Yeah, I think I know where that’s going.