February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “Image Of The Fendahl Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "Image of the Fendahl," Episode Three.

So, if you think Doctor Who deals with something like real science amidst the stuff it clearly just makes up, keep in mind this serial features the concept of ancient alien astronauts, ESP, and genetics being planted by ancient alien astronauts to get future people to do stuff with or without ESP.

Clearly, this is a product of the 70s.

But never mind the silly stuff…wait, this show is very silly.  Never mind some of the silly stuff and focus on the other silly stuff.  The Doctor touched a glowing skull and it seems the energy inside is hurting him.  Fortunately, Leela hears him and knocks him away from it because she’s good at that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, they aren’t much closer to solving the problems around the priory involving something possessing poor Thea, Dr. Fendelman’s machines, and whatever else is going on.

But given all that, you’d think Fendelman would be the villain of this serial, and you’d be wrong.  He’s just a dedicated scientist with a machine that can maybe see the past when a twelve million year old almost human skull came from.  The real villain is Dr. Stael, head of a black magic coven looking to use the machines to gain power over the Earth or something along those lines.  It’s always something with those guys.

Stael’s plans involve telling Thea she’s OK and going to be very important while capturing Fendelman and Dr. Colby, tying them up and eventually shooting Fendelman in the head after Fendelman realizes how close his name is to “Fendahl” and believing he was genetically seeded to build the machine in the first place.

Hey, kids!  More dubious science!

Now, if you’re like me and I know I am, you’re wondering what a Fendahl is.  Well, the Doctor said these were powerful aliens that even scared the Time Lords, such that the Time Lords thought they’d destroyed the lot of them.  Destroying the skull would do the job, but the thing is indestructible.  Time for the Doctor and Leela to use the TARDIS to find out how the Time Lords defeated and destroyed the Fendahl the first time!  That means a trip to the Solar System’s fifth planet before it became the asteroid belt!

Is that also dubious science?  I’m not sure.

Except that doesn’t work because the Time Lords put the moment of the Fendahl’s defeat into a time loop so no one could go there…including themselves.

Man, the Doctor sure does hate those guys sometimes.

Regardless, the Doctor and Leela return to the priory to find Ma Tyler and her grandson checking in to her psychic visions.  There’s a ceremony happening in the next room that won’t be good for anybody, and there may not be much time to stop it.

But there is some kind of monster running around, and it’s coming to find the Doctor and his friends.  So, they should run away from the slimy slug thing, right?  Normally, that would be a great idea, but when the Doctor turns to run, he learns all three of the humans with him have their legs somehow rooted to the floor.

That can’t be good.