May 27, 2024

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Titans “Aqualad”

Season Two, Episode Four.

OK, time for a flashback.

Yes, we’re skipping back a mere five years when the original Titans team was still doing their thing.  There’s Hawk and Dove, Dick in the Robin suit, Donna in full Wonder Girl mode and…Aqualad?  Huh.  They get together to take down low level crooks and the occasional Dr. Light type.

Anyway, Garth is here, looking a bit blonder than usual, but he has a lot of muscle and a bit of water control, and really, everyone on the team likes this guy.  He’s Hawk’s best friend, Dick and Dawn are a couple who find his antics amusing, and the self-serious Donna…well, Garth is flirting with her hard.

But Donna needs to go home to Themyscira.  An older woman, also an Amazon, insists.  Atlanteans, we’re told, can be a bit rambunctious and all that.  So, sure, Garth is fun, but Garth isn’t someone Donna wants to be with for the rest of her life.

That doesn’t stop her from having sex with him before she ships off back home.  Likewise, it doesn’t stop Garth from confronting Donna and her Amazon chaperone.  Why do they go to an airport to go to Themyscira?  I don’t know.  But Deathstroke got a contract out on that Amazon and somehow, this guy who we’ve seen make a ton of great shots at the beginning of this episode, misses the Amazon and kills Garth instead.

OK, now we know why he may be toast.  Dawn tells Dick he needs to “be Batman” to win this one.  Because this show is really all about Dick Grayson and the other Titans are just there for the ride.

So, a week later, Dick befriends a deaf young man named Jericho, and his smile drops just as soon as Jericho has his back turned because, well, Dick’s being sneaky!