June 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “Image Of The Fendahl Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "Image of the Fendahl," Episode Two.

So, something is stalking the Doctor in a lonely, dark forest.  Normally, this would be a good time for Leela to wander in and kill it, but she wandered off alone, leaving the Doctor to his own devices.

Basically, he just makes a run for it.  That works.  The unseen thing goes off and kills a security guard at the nearby priory where Dr. Fendelman is doing his thing with poor Thea, Dr. Colby, and Dr. Stael.  Colby and Thea find the body and freak out a bit, Colby moreso because Thea is acting weird, but then the Doctor comes in and shows Colby that some worms that appear somewhat invisible are wrapped around Thea.  Now, the Doctor can help because that’s his thing.

His help is not exactly accepted by Fendelman, who does like all scientists do when interference shows up from a potentially helpful source and pulls a gun on the Doctor.  Then he has another guard lock the Doctor in a dark basement where the sonic screwdriver doesn’t really do anything.  An unseen person will unlock the door later, allowing the Doctor to move around, listen in on conversations, and generally be the Doctor.

As for Leela, she found a cottage, and someone inside tried (and failed) to shoot her with a shotgun.  She’d already knocked this guy on his ass once already, so he knows exactly who she is.  It also isn’t his house.  The house belongs to local psychic/witch Ma Tyler, and her grandson soon shows up to kick the older guy out while letting Leela stay.  That proves to be useful as Ma Tyler, practitioner of the Old Religion, had a psychic attack of some kind and needs a few minutes to calm down, something Leela is actually better at than her grandson.

That’s about when Leela heads off to find the Doctor at the priory, and because she is good at things like that, she gets inside rather easily.

Then again, so did the guy with the shotgun, there to see Stael because they also practice the Old Religion for more selfish reasons from the looks of things.

But the Doctor only knows so much and even finds that old skull.  And when it lights up again because someone couldn’t resist trying that time telescope again, he touches it and seems to feel a lot of pain…