April 18, 2024

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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “Prophets Don’t Know Everything”

Season One, Episode Eight.

Seledon, girl, we need to talk.

See, you’re an idiot.  Or a fanatic.  Most likely both.

The Skeksis?  Not your friends.  They never were.  They don’t care who you are.  They don’t care what title you hold.  They don’t care what deals or offers you make.

They mostly just don’t care.

Brea knows that.  Then again, both of you are locked in a cell right now in the Skeksis’ castle.  Trying to deal with the Emperor, when he just wants Gelfling essence, is a dumb move.  He has no reason to bargain with you.  Why else would he flatly refuse every offer you make?  Especially now that the mortally wounded Hunter just stumbled in, and the Scientist states plainly that there’s only so much healing that Gelfling essence can do.

I mean, there is exactly ONE friendly Skeksis, and that’s the Heretic, hanging out with the Wanderer and helping Hub recuperate.

The Skeksis don’t even like each other.  The Chamberlain bribed the Scientist’s two mute assistants, who I just noticed have what looks like their mouths sewn shut, substitute the General’s essence for sparkling water and taking the General’s for himself while the Emperor says the Chamberlain is meant to get none.

These guys are using the Arathim and their Ascendancy mind control things to mind warp Gelflings into the essence draining chair.  And if they do that to the guard who alerted the Skeksis to a rebellion (and they do), then they will do it to you.

They already turned your other sister Tavra into the Ascendancy’s mouthpiece.

And they lied to the Arathim anyway about how they can have the caves after clearing Deet’s clan out of there.  That doesn’t work because Deet and Rian show up and protect a couple of the Arathim’s slaves from local animals corrupted by the Darkening, and seeing the truth and offering to share the territory with the Arathim makes the giant spiders Gelfling allies.

Not.  Skeksis.

So, seeing you talk like you are certain you could have cut a deal before your mom wised up is a really stupid thing to say.  You, Seledon, are a fanatic, and things never end well for such people in fiction.

At least Aughra maybe has a plan.