June 9, 2023

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Titans “Ghosts”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Hmm, there may be too many characters on this show right now.

Regardless, we have some forward momentum if we were wondering how Dr. Light got out of prison.

He’s working with Deathstroke.  Or for him.  He seems far too obnoxious for Slade Wilson’s tastes, but that’s neither here nor there.  Slade wants Light to bring the Titans out of hiding so the Terminator can assess the Titans from afar, separate the weak from the strong, and pick them off one by one.

That’s a really smart plan.  We’ll see if he sticks to it because, well, this is Titans after all, and there may be too many characters to juggle right now.

Take Kory for example.  She was first abducted by a member of her old royal guard, an ex-boyfriend no less, on orders from her sister Blackfire that Kory come back to Tamaran and become Queen.  She first tries to blast the guy while he is enjoying Daffy Duck cartoons (not cool, Kory), but then later is seen without the power-dampening cuffs, so I guess she’s going along with it while he flirts with a nice dinner and some light smash-and-grab theft.

But then Rachel calls to say her powers aren’t working, so Kory just dumps the guy into her spaceship and leaves him there to fly home alone.

Was there a point to that?

As for the main team, Donna, Hank, and Dawn come by to help Dick bring Dr. Light in, and they almost do (out of costume no less) but Dick pauses to make sure Light doesn’t blast a bus full of people, allowing Light to escape.  Now, Dick deliberately left the younger Titans behind, and the older ones aren’t happy he let Deathstroke’s daughter into the Tower even if Dick didn’t know who her daddy was at the time he let her in.

That seems reasonable to me.  Apparently, the team has a past with Deathstroke.

Now Jason may be a punk-ass show-off, but he isn’t dumb.  So, when he figures out how to use the Titans’ computer to find Light, he and Gar head off on their own.  And while Jason easily beats Dr. Light by himself, he is not so good as to stop Deathstroke from jumping out and capturing him.

Methinks Jason will be acting impulsively and stupidly rather frequently.  He just seems the type.

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