September 27, 2023

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Watchmen “Martial Feats Of Comanche Horsemanship”

Season One, Episode Two.

Well, things seem to be getting weirder and more intense.


After the pilot episode’s opener depicting the race riot/massacre in Tulsa that ended with a young boy alone with a note from his recently deceased father, this time around we open in World War I-era Germany as a German officer dictates some propaganda to use on African American GIs on the front lines.  A single soldier takes it, and it’s the kid’s father from the first episode.  That letter gets passed around a bit after that.

Plus, Jeremy Irons is doing weird stuff in his giant house, putting on a play he wrote about the origins of Dr. Manhattan.  It seems to end with his male servant being burned in a booth, but he has other male servants and they all have the same face.  Heck, all the female servants have the same face too.

And there are a lot of clocks around.

Plus, TV movies with a lot of content warnings about Hooded Justice, the first superhero of this universe, and apparently something of a big deal who might not have been the guy the original graphic novel suggested he was.

But that’s getting a bit ahead of myself.  Angela found Chief Crawford’s body hanging from a tree and an old man in a wheelchair claiming responsibility.  Said old man said his name is Will, he’s 105 years old, and he says he’s Angela’s grandfather that she has somehow never met.

DNA test checks out on the grandfather claim.

Did he kill the Chief?  Seems unlikely.  Angela has him in her hideout–all good superheroes have a hideout–and when the cops do find the Chief’s body, forensics show he struggled.  That seems unlikely with a wheelchair-bound old man, no matter what connections he claims to have.

Looking Glass, he seems to be a bit suspicious of Angela.

All Will will say is the Chief has some secrets in the closet, and Angela does manage to go to the Chief’s house during the man’s wake and determines that, well, he did:  Klan robes in a hidden room.

You know, the Chief and Angela are, apparently, the only survivors of the Tulsa police force after the Seventh Kavalry massacred the rest on a Christmas Eve night.  And Angela isn’t sure how she survived since she lost consciousness just as a guy was standing over her with a gun.

Was her friend not really her friend?

Regardless, Will knows something, but just as Angela drops him into her car to take to the police, some kind of electro-magnet on a flying machine takes him away in her car.

Man, I hope she likes a good long walk for the time being.