November 28, 2021

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Dark “Alles Ist Jetzt/Everything Is Now”

Season One, Episode Nine.

OK, so, at least someone got a happy ending out of this whole mess.  Too bad it’s a dog.

Oh, and Hannah is a fairly awful person.

I mean, we saw Hannah screwing around with a married man (Ulrich) not long after her husband committed suicide.  We saw a young Hannah tell lies to get teenage Ulrich arrested for sexual assault when it was entirely consensual.  Apparently, when it comes to Ulrich, Hannah has this “if I can’t have him, no one will” attitude.

That means we see the likes she told in 1986 to teenage Katharina to get the older girl believing that her mousy classmate Regina was the real culprit.  The only thing that gets Katharina to back off from Regina is the sudden appearance of a young man named Alexsander to defend Regina, and he has a gun.  Alexsander uses Regina’s name to get a job at the nuclear plant from Regina’s mother Claudia.

Claudia, it’s worth noting, did find her missing dog Gretchen.  That would be the dog young Helge got to run into the caves in 1953.  Claudia found the dog looking just as it did when it disappeared in 1983.  She took the pooch to work because why not?  Then she hired Alexsander to weld some doors around some radioactive waste.

Elderly Claudia in 2019 visits her grandson Bartosz.  He’s never met her before apparently.  She also visits young Tannhaus in 1953 to get a time machine made.

A lot of this makes more sense if you actually watch the episode.

But this is mostly about how Hannah is awful.  In 2019, she gets an angry visit from Katharina looking for Ulrich.  UIrich is still in 1953.  No one really knows that.  Hannah then spins some elaborate lies about how she ended things with Ulrich instead of the other way around and how he was going to ditch his family any day now due to being madly in love with Katharina.  And somehow, Katharina buys all that despite…wait, she doesn’t know Regina is innocent yet.  Never mind.

But then we see Hannah got to blackmail Alexsander to “destroy” Ulrich.  He had some fake IDs in 1986 she found.  And now he’s running the power plant and is Regina’s husband.

Then again, Ulrich may have destroyed himself since he was found and more or less confessed to killing young Helge.  But finding out the dead boys are still dead baffles him.

Also, Helge wakes up very Not Dead.

And Noah is counseling Helge’s mother, looking the same age as he always does.

Man, this is a mess.  Anyway it can get worse?

Yup!  Jonas has to break off a burgeoning relationship with Martha for reasons he can’t tell her.  How do you tell a classmate she’s really your aunt because her missing kid brother traveled back to the past to become your father?  There isn’t exactly a Hallmark card for that sort of thing…

Man, this show is one, big glorious mess, isn’t it?

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