November 29, 2021

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Titans “Rose”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Well, Dick has a new team of young potential heroes to train in the streets of San Francisco.  Deathstroke knows this.  Deathstroke isn’t happy about this.

But we have other problems for now.

Yes, it’s been three months since the previous episode.  Jason and Gar aren’t exactly getting along, Rachel’s powers are a bit funky, Hank and Dawn retired to Wyoming, and Donna and Kory are fighting metahuman crime in Chicago.  Deathstroke must be taking his old, sweet time.

But then something comes up as a young woman with what looks like only one eye is found fighting off all kinds of people and displaying possible metahuman powers.  Dick brings her back to the Tower to offer her a place to stay and training for the powers she has that appears to be good healing and perhaps precognition.  She’s not interested.  Dick things she should stay and even calls Bruce for advice.

Bruce’s advice is to give her a common enemy in Dick so she doesn’t go off looking for revenge.  He has no regrets over doing the same thing to his Robins.

But then there’s another problem.  Dr. Light escapes from prison and heads off to take down the former Titans.  He starts with Hank and Dawn.  A kid Hank was helping on their ranch suddenly comes in, glowing very bright, and the two barely get outside before he explodes.  Dick suggests the two come to San Fran, and Hank agrees.  That was much better than having to argue with Dawn over the fact she’s still going out and beating up criminals by busting meth labs.  That stuff nearly got the two of them killed many times over.

As for Donna and Kory, Donna also takes the call from Dick and agrees to come in, but Kory, well, some dude from her home planet managed to knock her out and take her off.

Dick himself almost gets killed taking the mystery woman Rose to a bus terminal when the SUV he is driving starts glowing and then explodes.

Dr. Light should get a new trick.

Jason should too.  Gar finds out who exactly Rose is:  she’s Rose Wilson.  Her father is Slade Wilson.

And Jason looks so pleased that Deathstroke is coming…

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