May 27, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Reunion”

Season Four, Episode Two.

You know, maybe we should try to focus on Pidge and let her get at least a little closure.

That’s basically all that happens here.  Pidge takes the Green Lion out to see if she can find her brother Matt.  We get some flashbacks to before Matt joined the space corps.  He was the one who nicknamed Katie “Pidge” for some reason and even gifted her his no-longer-needed glasses.

Those two really look alike.

The adventure that follows has Pidge track down an arms dealer.  He has some information, but she has to beat him out of it.  There’s also a bounty hunter following the “boy”.

From there, Pidge goes to help some rebels to get her next hint.  That led to a graveyard for rebel fighters, but  Matt’s grave had the wrong birthday and…

Wait, why would he have an Earth birthday listed on a tombstone?

Regardless, Pidge remembers a code, finds a hidden cove, and gets into a fight with a masked figure…who turns out to be Matt.  Yay!  Reunion!

Oh, and then they beat up the bounty hunter together.

So, good news for everyone except that bounty hunter and the arms dealer and…wait, a few people got a beating if not outright died for this quest.  The only people who really benefited were Matt and Pidge.

Eh, I’ll take it.