December 7, 2023

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Titans “Trigon”

Season Two, Episode One.

Well, we’re back with season two of the DC Universe series Titans.  When last we saw things, a regular-looking guy who turned out to be Trigon was ready to rule the world or kill everyone or something along those lines.  Surely he’ll be a season long threat, right?

Nah.  He goes down with almost twenty minutes left to the episode.

At least he turned into a CGI demon form before he, I dunno, exploded or something.  Then again, this show still has a rather washed-out color scheme.  Should we expect more from a demon lord like Trigon?

Yeah, Trigon may have been a little anticlimactic.  Rachel’s call for help did get Hank, Dawn, and Jason Todd over to the house, meeting Donna and Kori outside.  All of them went inside, went into a dream sequence where they killed someone, and then Trigon possessed each and every one of them.  After they nearly beat Gar to death, Rachel was down enough for Trigon to do some more to her, giving her some kind of gemstone on her forehead.  But Gar turned into a snake, found Rachel, and she went into Dick’s mind and revived him because he was important or something.  The others?  Nah!

Then she did something and Trigon exploded or went home or something really bad.  For him.  Net result was apparently just some dead birds, but you’d think Rachel’s dead mother would also be there.  And for all that, Jason rudely announces the return of the Titans on live TV.

Are the Titans back?  Well, Dick is taking the younger kids off to train while Dawn, Hank, Donna, and Kori go off to whatever it is they do.  That means asking Bruce Wayne for funding.

Yeah, we got Iain Glenn’s Bruce Wayne on the show for the first time.  He seems pleasant enough, but Glenn sounds really weird speaking with an American accent instead of the one he’s used, well, everywhere else I’ve seen him.  It’s probably Scottish.  He’s Scottish after all.

Bruce will fund a Titans Tower in San Francisco on one condition:  Jason is included.

So, that works out all right for everyone?

Wait, we still need a bad guy for the season.  And it looks like Jason’s announcement was enough to get Deathstroke out of retirement…