September 30, 2022

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The Boys “You Found Me”

Season One Finale.

And now we come to the only episode Watson actually watched.  Yes, for some reason, he watched the season finale instead of, you know, every other episode.

Also, the Deep has some set-backs, but I figure he deserves them, so fudge that guy.

But what can we say about a series like this?  So many things happened, like we found out exactly how much Homelander really cares for Stillwell, what went down with Becca Butcher, and a twist that could do a number on Billy’s desire for revenge against an indestructible sociopath.

And then there’s Hughie manning up to rescue the others, Starlight showing up to rescue all of them, and A-Train showing up to stop them only to have a heart attack.  There’s even a trip for Hughie to meet Butcher’s original recruiter, Grace Mallory.  She probably does the best possible thing by telling Hughie revenge is a stupid reason to do things, and Hughie seems to agree.

Butcher doesn’t, but again, he may not see the need to get even now that he knows Becca isn’t dead.  Then again, he still might.  It depends on whether or not the sex act with Homelander was consensual or not.  And she does have a supe son now with Homelander’s eyes.

So, what to make of The Boys?  The characters were more human and arguably likable than in the original comic, something that tended to treat most characters like R-rated Looney Tunes.  Frenchie isn’t just a silly French stereotype, and the Female actually has a name that gets used quite a bit.  Mother’s Milk’s name makes no sense as of right now, but who knows what happens in the future?

And man, the Seven sure are a twisted bunch, but Starlight at least has moral support from Queen Maeve right now.  Will that last?  Who knows?  A-Train knows she helped the Boys escape.  But he also may not be in any condition to tell anyone any time soon.

The end result is a fun, if somewhat short, first season.  I mean, really?  Eight episodes?  This is the best you can do, Amazon?

At any rate, I’ll be back for season two.  I’m really interested in how far they’re going from the original story since that one, you know, had Becca dead the whole time.

But for now, I do need something for Fridays.  And yeah, at least one of my old Friday shows came back, with one or two more due back very soon.  But in the meantime, I started this post with Watson, so let’s end it with him given he has been uncharacteristically raving about a show he was lambasting as a bad idea for a while now.

Yeah, let’s look at Watchmen.

Or, you know, watch the Watchmen.

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